Talking Therapy

How long, how much, how often?

*Counselling sessions may be weekly or fortnightly; you will have an opportunity to discuss the frequency of sessions at the assessment. I would suggest 4-6 sessions with a review to see how you think you are progressing.

* The fee for a 50 minute therapy session is £50.

* Counselling can be delivered remotely or in person at my office.  We always work towards an ending however the end is controlled by you.

How do I access counselling?  

* You will first need a phone assessment which enables me to gather some information therefore no fee. You will have an opportunity to talk about your difficulties, what your goals are and whether you wish to continue. During your assessment you will be able to discuss treatment options and what is best suited to your needs. You will then be offered an appointment for Counselling as soon as one becomes available. Waiting lists are not a problem in private therapy. 

What are the benefits?

* Counsellors are trained to listen to your difficulties and suggest ways to resolve issues and change your behaviour as well as suggesting ways to find your own solutions to your problems. Counselling is not about a therapist telling you what to do or giving advice.

* You will have an opportunity to make sense of experiences that are confusing or distressing and link them to current difficulties.

*Talking therapy will help you to learn new coping skills and make positive and practical changes in your life that will allow you to better manage your issues now and in the future.

* Counselling is evidenced base and is a recommended intervention by the NICE Guidelines (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence).